10 Ways to Start a Mehendi Business

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10 Ideas to Start a Mehendi Business


Are you awesome with Mehandi design and want to start a home based Mehandi business? Great! Not sure how to start? No worries, we got you covered. In this article, we share with you various tips on how you can use your Mehandi design skills to make money & help people look beautiful.


First we will discuss the various types of businesses you can start using your Mehandi skills. Did you know there are lot more things you can do other than applying Mehendi designs on customers’ hands? Keep reading to know about those.


In the next section, we will list out detailed steps you need to take to start your Mehandi business. As we said, we are here to help you succeed, so all these steps are simple & effective. Next, once your business starts growing, we will show you various ways you can promote your business to make even more money! Yay!


Ready? Let’s start.


10 Business Ideas You Can Start with Mehandi / Mehendi:


Business Idea 1: Start a Mehendi Class

Love Mehandi designing but shy to go out and find customers? No worries! You can start Mehandi designing classes at home. There are many girls & women who want to learn this skill. Here are some ways to start your classes:

1. Make a banner called ‘Mehandi Classes Here’ and put it up on your home – road / people facing locations are always better.
2. If you live in an apartment, spread the word using the mailing list if your apartment has one. You can always talk to your friends and ask them to spread the word.
3. Target places near your home that have lot of women / kids coming over. Local bangle stores, parlours, vegetable markets are also a good place to keep your business cards / banners.
4. Once you have a few students, ask them to refer their friends. Give them a gift / voucher (in front of other students) for their referrals.



Business Idea 2: Creating eBooks / Books  about Mehendi Designs

Do you know the two things that all Mehandi designers need? Mehandi cones and New Mehandi designs. J If you are not into going out of your home and applying Mehandi, this is a good option to consider – create Mehandi design books.


Take prints of a hand stencil here, and start sketching Mehendi designs!  Let your imagination go wild! Once done, scan your collection – this way you can make eBooks from your designs.


Now you have your designs ready, you want to know how to make money from them? Here are a few ways:

1. Sell the designs to websites that have articles on Mehandi. Do a google search on ‘Mehendi Designs’ – make a list of the first 20 websites that come up. Go to the contact page, and write to the website owners that you want to share original Mehendi designs with them and ask for a contact person to speak to. From there, take the conversation ahead. If both of you like the arrangement, you could regularly contribute designs! At LetsCreateCrafts – we would love to speak to someone who could give us original designs – and yes, we would pay them.

2. Sell eBooks – If you have a little technical knowledge, you can create a pdf file from all the images you scanned and sell the ebook on various platforms like kindle, etc.

3. Sell the designs to beauty parlours, because they need good designs!


start a mehendi business

Business Idea 3: Selling Henna/ Mehendi Cones

This might sound silly because Mehendi cones are available everywhere right? Wrong. There are some brands and types of Mehendi that are famous and not readily available. For example – Hyderabadi Mehendi – it is super famous for its color and smell. In Hyderabad you can find it anywhere. But would a women in Delhi who has a party at her place pay a little extra to get a ‘Hyderabadi’ Mehendi – Yes – you bet!


So how do you go about selling Mehendi? Online! Here are some websites you can sell on:

1. Craftsvilla.com
2. eBay.in
3. ItsHandMade.in
4. Shopify.com


Once you have your store setup, you can promote it using Facebook.


Business Idea 4: Tie-Ups with Magazines

If you are into Mehendi designs – and you are from India – you must have seen the ‘Meri Saheli Mehendi Designs’ magazine. Right? Do you know from where they get those designs from? C’mon, take a guess. Yes, you are right. They are designed by awesome Mehendi design experts like you. Meri Saheli is not just one magazine – there are lots of other awesome & famous magazines that regularly need YOUR Mehendi designs.

Here is how to get your designs published:

1. Make a good collection of really really awesome Mehendi designs. They have to be original and created by you. Take clear high res pics of every design you make and group them all in one place – a Facebook Page is a good idea.

2. Go to the websites of each of these magazines and send them a mail saying that you want to contribute and ask for a contact person. Meri Saheli responds very well. Show them your portfolio.

3. Discuss the payment options. Send designs & get paid!


start a mehendi business


Business Idea 5: Writing Articles About Mehandi

This is also a good idea if you are more of a work-from-home kind of person. List out the websites that have articles about Mehendi. Get in touch with their owners and say that you have original designs and want to submit articles for them. Most websites would pay for such a thing, given that you also accompany your designs with an engaging article. Hey, if you are planning on implementing this idea, get in touch with us here. We are looking for Mehendi articles too!


Business Idea 6: Mehandi Inspiration Groups

Are you a little techy person? Then this one is a good idea for you. Create a Facebook Page and/or a Whatsapp group for Mehendi designs. Send out 4-5 really awesome designs (not necessarily yours) on these groups every day. Give credits when appropriate. If the images are good, they will be shared and your followers will increase. Ask other Mehendi experts to join the groups and contribute images.


So how do you make money from this? You can’t – atleast not in the first few months! Once your followers increase (and they will), you can use the group for these which can give a continuous stream of passive income

1. Promote a business which has the same audience as you do

2. Sell banner space

3. Promote a Mehendi artist

4. Promote other FB pages that need likes

5. Hold contests that are sponsored by other companies (for brand awareness)

6.You can also sell your FB page for huge sums of money, but I wouldn’t do that if I were you. 😛



Business Idea 7: Website for Mehendi Experts

This is an idea if you are a tech person or if you know someone who is and can work for you (husband is a good option here) J

Remember justdial? It lists out all the service providers for any given business. You can see their contact number, address and other relevant details and get in touch with them on phone. So how does JustDial make money? The service provider pay them.

So now let’s shift this whole setup to Mehendi designs. Can you make a website that lists all the Mehendi experts in India? The website will list their contact information and some work samples. When people are searching for Mehendi designers for their next party – they can come to your website. How do you make money? The Mehendi designers pay you a listing fee!


Business Idea 8: Start a Blog

Not into making huge websites? Start a small blog. WordPress gives you a free blog and you can start posting instantly. Blog about Mehendi designs, share your tips and images of awesome Mehendi designs you make. Slowly you can add ads on your website once your visitors start growing. This is an awesome source of passive income.

Here are some tips to increase your visitors:

1. Pinterest and Facebook are biggies. Create profiles and share awesome pics. People will come to your website from these social channels.

2. Write longer & relevant articles. Google gives preference to longer and relevant data – so this will increase your chances of getting more visitors.

3. Co-ordinate with other bloggers for a post / link sharing.


start a mehendi business


Business Idea 9: Mehandi Application at Weddings / Parties

Well, this is what most of the Mehendi designers do. They help other women look beautiful & festive by applying Mehendi on their hands / legs for weddings and special parties. This article (click here) will explain in detail about how to grow your Mehendi business if you are into this type of business.


Business Idea 10: Mehandi Stalls at Events / Exhibitions

Did you know that you can also keep stalls at malls / corporate events & exhibitions and get loads of customers at once? Yeps! Keep a tab on your local newspaper to stay updated on where exhibitions will be held. Books stalls – carry lots of cones and lot of helpers!


In the next article, I will give you a step by step guide on how to start your Mehendi business if you are planning to start Mehendi application for weddings.


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Lastly, I’d like to give a little intro. I am Jayasri Nagrale, founder & CEO of LetsCreateCrafts. I absolutely love art & craft and creating beautiful things in general! There are a lot of things I’ve learnt on the way and I want to share them with you. Hence the “Businesses for Women” series. Hope you find this useful. This is my way of giving back to the society and helping my fellow women achieve their dreams. Now it’s your turn. Do your bit and share this post with others who need it too.




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