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Top Cooking Games for Girls to Play Online

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Love cooking games but want to play them without Facebook? We have a list of the top cooking games that girls can play online, without a facebook account! Check it out.

Top Cooking Games for Girls – Online

As girls, we LOVE to play cooking games! Do you too? Great! Here is a list of 10 super cool (and super addictive) games you can play online, plus these don’t need a Facebook account. Check them out. If you have your favorite game that is not listed here, please tell us in the comments.


1) Mr.Bean Street Bakery

Game Instructions: Who doesn´t know about the cute and amazing Mr. Bean! He is absolutely hilarious and he can offer to his customers the pastry and the laughs. Being that funny, he is not much of a business man so you need to help him run his bakery well.
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2) Ristorante Italiano

Cook Italian style! In this enticing game, try to go Italian, learn new recipes, and have lots of fun!
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3) Hot Dog Bush

Help the ex-President grill and serve up sizzling hot dogs, burgers and fries to all kinds of wacky customers in this totally addictive, deliciously fast-paced time management game.
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4) Cooking Show

The children have just come from the school and they’re hungry. The chef must prepare a practical meal in a short time. Can you help her cook some bread rolls for the children? Follow her instructions and we’ll prepare a delicious meal.
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5) Penguin Diner

Seat your customers, take orders, serve them food, and collect the money. Level up and open new hotels. What’s different? Your character is a penguin!
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6) Cooking Academy 2

World Cuisine- Learn new recipes, go around the world! Master all new mini-games, including processors, mixers, fridge raiding and more in the new sequel to Cooking Academy! Learn the cuisine of 8 different countries!
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7) Marble Cheesecake

Learn while playing this game! Create a wondrous marble cheesecake, scrumptious till the last bite!
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8) Princess Castle Restaurant

The dream of Princess Bella is to run her own castle restaurant. Her grandma is a fairy who is able to create anything for Bella. Bella requested her grandma to create a castle restaurant and she immediately fulfilled her wish. Her grandma has placed all the ingredients, utensils and oven on the large cooking table. Bella has the ability to create delicious foods, desserts and juices. Her grandma has announced the news about the new castle restaurant to the entire people of the town. Soon the castle restaurant is going to be filled with many customers. Bella has the skills to cook many meals and sweets, but she doesn’t have the skill to take the order quickly and prepare the requested food immediately. Help Princess Bella to manage the restaurant effectively.
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9) Tasty Chocolates

Help Harry in the kitchen and learn how to cook tasty chocolates in this fun, challenging game! Cracking almonds, washing raisins, choosing what delicious stuffing you will use, and making the actual chocolate mixture are just a few of the things you will get to do. In the end, your delicious chocolate creation is judged on a scale of one to three stars, according to how you did on each of the recipe tasks. Will your chocolates be a hit or a miss? Find out now!
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10) Party Cake

Have you ever dreamed of being a pastry chef? After all, who wouldn’t want to spend their days making delicious cakes? Party Cake is a game with loads of options for you to choose, so that you could play the game a hundred times and never come up with the same exact cake unless you were trying to. Start by picking out the basic cake design (you can ever choose a cake that looks like a teapot!) and then decorate your cake exactly the way you want to. Save a picture and show it to all of your friends and family!
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Hope you have found some new games to play!

If you want to see the list of Top Cooking Games on Facebook – read below!


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