40 Best Arabic Mehandi Designs

40 Best Arabic Henna Designs / Mehandi Designs- Part 1


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Here are the 40 most beautiful Arabic Henna Designs / Mehandi Designs to inspire you.

This is the part 1 in the 4 part series. Find the other parts here: Part 1Part 2 – Part 3 – Part 4

40 Best Arabic Henna Designs / Mehandi Designs to inspire you

After our article on “The 40 Best Indian Mehandi Designs”, we chose to do an article on “The 40 Best Arabic Mehandi Designs”. Arabic Mehandi has grown in its popularity over the years, for its thin and intricate designs. Arabic Mehandi differs from Indian Mehandi as its more intricate with thinner lines, and leaves more space, while Indian Mehandi is concentrated on covering most of the area. Arabic mehandi designs also resemble some of the architectural designs made by them, such as the “jali” work, and the designs of the floral motifs, which are much different from the Indian floral motifs.

These are the best 40 designs of Arabic Mehandi, that took our breath away.

For the first design, we chose a very basic Arabic Henna Design.  It uses floral motifs, and has bands filled with a spiral design to connect them. Notice how the floral motifs are not as deeply worked upon as in an Indian Mehandi.


This henna / mehandi design is fabulous! The beautiful net-like work on the fingers, which gives it an appearance of a “jali” design, is the highlight of the mehandi. The inverted heart shape, has also been filled using the same technique.


A very simple design, but dominantly Arabic Henna Design. Notice how so much space has been left, so that the mehandi design / henna design forms a structure of its own. The design near the wrist seems like a hand ornament. A miniature of this design is made on the fingertips. This is connected by a version of an Arabic leaf design.


This mehandi / henna design has used lots of colors, such as gold, royal blue, and purple. Yet again, there is the “jali” work on the fingers. The design near the wrist is commendable, with its semi circular design, and the diamond shaped jali work. After this, the mehandi gets dissolved into a deep design which is given an opening using the band-like design.


This henna designs / mehandi design, for the feet, is truly apt for a bride! The jali work again comes into play, which is associated with the rest of the mehandi using a floral motif.  The strokes of mehandi going outwards allow the mehandi to not only have a spaced look but also seem connected.


The best part about this mehandi/ henna design is its leaf pattern that has been continued along the hand extremely carefully. It’s in sync with the rest of the design.  To compliment it, the mehandi has been given a very slight floral motif touch, and also has got lotus petals designs on it.


Incorporating most of the features of an Arabic mehandi design, this is a show-stealer! See how the mehandi is connected with just a few dots in the right place. Continuing it inwards with a floral band, and adding to it a series of stripes and half curves the mehandi goes into a jali work.  The designs work together so gorgeously!


The symmetrical band work on the fingers of this mehandi design is truly beautiful. The area around the crown leaf design has been carefully constructed. It has been filled using semi circular patterns, which have been further worked upon. Time taking as it seems, it’s worth all the hard work!


Now, in this mehandi both the hands are different. The hand to the left uses a more creative version of the jali work. It has a thicker line, and each square is filled with a half flower. The right hand though, is an easy creation, using only a flower pattern. In a way, you have two designs, in the same picture!


This is one of the designs that truly deserves to be on this list. It’s a modern Arabic design. Using a more modified leaf design, and black mehandi color, the pattern that is created is breath-taking.  Instead of a floral motif, circular patterns have been played around with, finely connected with the leafy pattern.


Stay tuned for our next 10 best Arabic Henna Designs!

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