40 Best Arabic Mehandi Designs part 2

40 Best Arabic Henna Designs / Mehndi Designs- Part 2


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Here are the 40 best Arabic Mehndi Designs to inspire you. This is the part 2. You can find the other Henna Designs here:

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For the first picture, in our Part 2 of the best 40 Arabic Mehndi Designs, we have chosen something simple, but for the feet! Starting with a band of stripes, the mehndi design works itself into a spiral design ending with a crown betel leaf design. Simple and beautiful.


This mehndi designs, is definitely superbly crafted! Note the dotted lines at the fingertips, which go into a spiral work till the end of the fingers. Near the wrist the same kind of work has been done. On the palm though, a sort of jali work is done near a corner, and this design has been expanded towards the opposite side of the palm, using a branching motif, with spiral work.


This is an Arabic style mehndi using kundan stones. Using the colors red, orange, black, and maroon, the mehndi has been suited to compliment the places of the kundan work. If you’re going for glam for your mehndi, we suggest this one!


This mehndi design  is an epitome of the jali work. The tiny jali work on the toes, and a bigger version on the foot, is so beautiful. A series of branching flowers acts as a border., and a similar design helps to carry the pattern upwards.


See how intricate the mehndi is? Even so, it does not get mixed up. It has fine clarity, thanks to the spaces which have been left at the right places. This mehndi is a fine mixture of the crown betel leaf design, the floral motif, the jali work, and also the band work. It truly is breath-taking!


This mehndi designs, again, uses the band work with semi circular patterns, till the palm. After which a floral motif work is used to fill up the places. The negative spaces which have been left, are filled first with tiny flowers, and then with a striped pattern. This helps in letting the mehndi connect and not look disoriented.



This is a very simple mehndi, but it does have a touch of glam and elegance! Note how only one type of design has been used to fill up the entire space- the semi circular pattern.  Blue glitter outlines the mehndi, which is in an abstract curved pattern.  The negative spaces are also filled using some floral patterns.


This mehndi is special because of its use of color. It ranges from shades of red, to orange, and then even goes into a maroonish-hue, while still maintaining an outline of black, which defines it.


The blue shiny color of the flowers, with a very light shade of gold give this mehndi a very magical and regal feel. What’s more? You can experiment with the colors to suit your attire!


The master strokes on this mehndi is what makes it beautiful! Look at the branching pattern. The strokes have been made without a flaw. Even on the band pattern, the lines have been pulled down to create a smudged look. This mehndi, even with its simplicity, is perfect.


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