40 Best Bridal Mehndi Designs
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40 Best Bridal Mehndi Designs – Part 1

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Here is a collection of the 40 Best Bridal Mehndi Designs to inspire you. Come check out the designs.

This series has been divided into 4 parts - part 1part 2 – part 3 – part 4 (coming soon)

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40 Best Bridal Mehndi Designs – Part 1


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This bridal mehandi design has everything that a bridal mehndi should have. From floral motifs, to betel leaf designs, and intricate patterns, and clarity of design, this design has it all! Truly, it’s a sure choice for a bridal mehandi.


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Most of the mehandis these days maintain symmetry, and so does this bridal mehandi design. Only exception is, that this mehandi is befits a bride’s hand only. The fullness of it, and its beautiful design, makes it so worthy. Notice the miniature elephants that have been drawn in between. The palm also has the bride and groom designs, a common work from Rajasthani mehandi designs.


Do you like mehndi on feet?

A bride has to have her feet donned with mehandi too! And they must look as beautiful as the mehandi on the hand. This mehandi design for the feet is simple, yet elegant. Even though its not very heavy on design, its beauty is in its simplicity, with its slight jali work, and diamond shaped motifs further accentuated with kundan stones.


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If a bride wishes to have an uncomplicated design on her hands, then this bridal mehndi design is the one to go for. It’s simple, and gorgeous. It leaves no space empty, and uses a connected pattern.


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Again a very intricate mehandi design. The beauty of this mehandi design lies in its pattern on the palm, where it leaves a little space towards the corner completely empty. Who would know that this space would create such a beautiful effect? And again, near the hand, the space has been left to give it an effect such as that of a bangle set.


Do you like the trumpet design?

Evidently bridal, the mehandi design’s specialty lies in its ending, where it has a motif of a peacock on one hand and wedding instruments on the other. The floral motif on the palm is also very beautiful and different.


Mast punjabi design! Like it?

This mehandi incorporates the floral motif in a very different and unique way as evident on the right hand. Small jali patterns adorn the hand along with the motifs, and create a unique appearance.


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Again a Rajasthani style, this bridal mehandi has a tiny motif of a bride and groom drawn on each palm. The beauty of this mehandi is in the fact that it has a hint of Arabic mehandi in it, that is, in the jali work on the hand. It ends with a curved leaf design which makes it even more beautiful.


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A bridal mehandi design for the feet, this one experiments with the crowned betel leaf design.  That is further filled with patterns, which make it look so much more attractive. A sort of outlining has also been made with a crowned leaf design.


Intricate bridal. Like it?

Design wise, this mehandi is not very heavy or detailed. But its different use of the floral design, is commendable. This mehandi has a four petal simple flower on each palm, and then semi-circular designs. It’s simple and pretty.


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