40 Best Indian Mehandi designs part 3

575+ Best Indian Mehandi Designs / Henna Designs – Part 3

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[breadcrumbs] Indian mehandi is unique because it covers most of the hands with intricate designs. Be it flower motifs, mango shapes or religious symbols, Indian Mehandi Designs / Henna Designs have them all. Indian women apply mehandi / henna on almost all important occasions, it is their way of celebrating and feeling special.

Beautiful Mehandi Designs / Henna Designs to inspire you

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Truly,  a quintessential Indian Mehandi Design. The elephants on the top of the design symbolize prosperity. Both the hands differ from each other, but each is beautiful with its floral design, which gives way to a more channeled mehandi design towards the palm. Some space has been left along the floral design, but it doesn’t separate it from the rest of the mehandi design. Instead, it sort of brings about more of a connection.   Indian Mehandi Designs

This is an extremely carefully applied Indian Mehandi Design. Note how both the hands are exactly the same, because of the flawless symmetry. Peacocks have been drawn on both the palms. Peacocks are a common yet essential design in Indian Mehandi Designs. They symbolize beauty, and grace. A distance is kept from the peacock design to where it begins again near the fingers. This is done to bring more attention towards the peacock motif.   Indian Mehandi Designs

This design is a very ethnic Rajasthani style Indian Mehandi / Henna Designs. It depicts the bride and groom on each palm. It reflects the essence of an Indian Mehandi design, which by now, you must have learnt, is filling the hand with motifs, and designs. Note the intricacy by which the mehandi has been applied. It uses small semi-circular areas, filled with a diagonal crossing lines, or trumpet shaped designs.     Indian Mehandi Designs

No Indian wedding is complete without songs, and dance. This is a bridal mehandi style. It is very simple, yet clean and attractive. The palm has been adorned with a betel leaf design along with “tablas”-traditional instruments used in weddings. The ascending design on the fingers (from the arrow finger to the little finger) only further enhances its beauty.   Indian Mehandi Designs

A Mehandi design such as this, is concentrated on using floral patterns. The whole hand is covered in extremely clean, and clear floral motifs, further accentuated with the way the floral pattern has been allowed to extend from the wrist to the elbow, with clarity.   Indian Mehandi Designs

Colorful Mehandi designs are a catching trend. Essentially, a Mehandi color ranges from black to brown. But this one is different, in its ability to beautifully incorporate the use of colors such as red, blue, and maroon. The hand is not filled as is traditionally done in an Indian Mehandi design, but those negative spaces have been substituted with the use of stones.   [divider top=”0″]     Indian Mehandi Designs

Justifying the notion that an Indian Mehandi Design is extremely “full”, this Mehandi Design covers most of the part of the arm up till the elbow. It has a beautiful motif of Lord Ganesha, and wedding band instruments, adorning the top part of the design. A hint of Rajasthani Mehandi style has also been used, where a picture of a bride and groom, has been made on each palm.   Indian Mehandi Designs

A very symmetrical design, one hand reflects the mirror image of the other. Thus, it makes a complete picture when put together. Small flowers fill the semi-circular spaces, and a betel leaf design tops the design, which is filled with diamond shapes, and it itself is outlined with an intricate design.   Indian Mehandi Designs

This again is a Rajasthani design. It covers most of the hand, as well as the legs. While the design on the legs has some negative spaces, to enhance the design on the foot, and towards the knee, the hand doesn’t use the same principle. The hands use a floral pattern, but are not the same.   Indian Mehandi Designs

This is a very typically Indian design. It is dominated by designs of flowers, is extremely intricate, and leaves ample empty or negative spaces around. Very Indian, very beautiful. Images: Google [divider top=”0″]

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