40 Best Indian Mehandi designs part 4

40 Best Indian Mehendi Designs / Henna Designs – Part 4


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Some of the most attractive Indian Mehendi Designs / Henna Designs. Take a look.

Here are 40 most beautiful Mehendi Designs / Henna Designs to inspire you

This is the Part 4 in our 4 part Best Mehendi Design series. Here are the other parts! Part 1Part 2Part 3

This henna design is beautiful in every way. The triangular shapes filled with tiny floral designs enhance the beauty of the whole mehandi. Truly, that is the highlight. Going down in a simple leaf pattern towards the wrist, the mehendi / henna design again envelopes itself in an intricate design, incorporating a floral and “mango” motif.


This mehndi design is unique because it gives a favorable twist to the “betel leaf” motif. It uses the betel leaf motif, on the palm, with some curves, which are further enhanced by a small leafy pattern. It is dominated by designs inspired by patterns of leaves, evident by the negative space, filled by a leaf branch design, and extensions of motifs made by leafy patterns.


Who doesn’t want  a little bling on their wedding day? This mehendi for the feet satisfies that very wish. It’s a Marwari style mehendi, and very modern. It uses colors such as Golden and Silver, which are a new favorite, among mehendi colors. It is a very simple, sophisticated pattern, yet spells so much elegance. It also uses some kundan stones along the design, which only further add to its elegance.

As the picture portrays, it is a very Indian Bridal look. The mehendi’s natural greenish brown color,is used to make an outline, which allows the red color to further expose itself. If you notice, the mehendi has not used a very intricate design, but a rather simple one-that of a floral pattern. Yet on first look, it catches the eye. Perfect mehendi for a bride-to be.


Another mehendi design for the feet. The spiral pattern on the toes, beautify the concept of the mehandi. The stones further add to its gorgeousness. If a bride has to have mehendi put on her feet, we truly suggest this one!


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Yet another symmetrical mehandi design. The mehandi starts with a repetitive pattern from the fingers, which continues along the palm, till the wrist. Near the wrist it dissolves into a peacock pattern, which is beautifully extended along the hand, and is assisted by a pattern of leaves and stars, separated by the same design which was used on the palm. This brings about a continuation and makes the mehandi look connected, from the tip of the fingers, where it starts, to the part of the hand, where it ends.


This is a much simpler pattern. It uses a peacock design spaced from the rest, by a negative space, slightly filled by simple flowers. A crown style betel leaf is used, to extend the mehandi towards the hand, and end it.


The very intricate design of this mehandi tells us that is a typical Indian design! We must appreciate it for its clarity. The mehandi design doesn’t get jumbled up, but is extremely clear. Credit for this must go to the diamond design near the wrist. It gives the design an openness, yet keeps the entire pattern connected.

Want to practice mehandi design on paper before you draw it on your hand? We have printable hand templates for you – free to download!
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A matching Marwari style mehandi design, for the feet and hands. Even though the mehandi is concentrated to one side of the hand or feet, the mehandi is just as beautiful. There is a use of stones, which enhance its quality. A curvy floral pattern is used too= fill the sides intricately.


This is a very simple mehandi pattern.  Extremely clear, and beautiful. The circular pattern which extends from the arrow finger till a part of the hand, is made to bend along the hand, to add a shape to the design. In no way, is the design flat. An open floral pattern is maintained along the design.

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This is the Part 4 in our 4 part Best Mehandi Design series.

Here are the other parts! Part 1Part 2Part 3

If you have tried any of these, we would love to take a look. Leave a comment below!



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