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40 Best Rangoli Dots Designs – Part 2


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Here are the 40 best dot rangoli designs to inspire you. Like drawing rangoli dots designs in front of your homes? Then you will love these easy rangoli designs.

This is the part 2 of the 4 part series. Find other parts here: Part 1Part 2Part 3Part 4

40 Best Dot Rangoli Designs

This dot rangoli design / kolam design is the signature rangoli in south India. This can be drawn using dots or even with free hand. This is usually drawn with white rock powder. This can also be drawn using rice flour solution (rice flour mixed with water). Scientifically this makes it a source of food for the insects on the ground. The same pattern is repeated four times and interconnected with curves as usual. The main feature of the dot rangoli design / kolam design is the center square. It necessarily has to have even number of lines . And simple lotus pattern at the edges give a slightly different look. A maroon border is used for a final outline.


You really have to be smart to camouflage a boring set of dots and make it into this!. Well, peacocks can never be boring to look at, can they? The best part about this dot rangoli design / kolam design is the best use of colors. Nothing is impossible. So , you just have to mix up two different colors in the right proportion to get the perfect shade you want.  As u can see drawing the peacock is not at all complicated. It is surrounded by beautiful swirling curves. This is the perfect pattern for a nice welcome for any occasion , be it small or big.


Dot rangoli designs / kolam designs are all about innovation and creativity and drawing what you feel like. It does not always have to be flowers. This one has butterflies and leaves which might be a repetition. But it does not have to look like that. You can do your rangoli the honor of coloring it well . Here , the flower petals , the leaves and the butterfly have been given the exact color.The difference shades of green and blue just enhance the look of this beautiful rangoli.


Oh my god! How beautiful does this look? Well , this spiral  dot rangoli design / kolam design is made using simple use of dots with equal  number of rows and columns. They are all interconnected by the big plus in the center. If you notice closely, the four ends of the plus sign are connected to one spiral box and then leading all the way to the center of it. This one is going to take a lot of patience and definitely a little practice. But how simple yet intriguing can it get? No one would pass this off without giving it another look.


This  dot rangoli design / kolam design here says it all. It is very evident and obvious that it depicts the harvest festival of India. This rangoli depicts every major aspect of the festival. Right from the milk pot, sugar cane and the sun right in between shows the significance of the festival. Use of appropriate colors gives the  dot rangoli design / kolam design a more traditional touch. Loops have been used give and outline and a finishing touch to the  dot rangoli design / kolam design, which may or may not be used as per your choice.


This  dot rangoli design / kolam design is simple. This is the usual one that is used at house hold for daily purpose. The drawing depicts the number of dots clearly and also is very easy to follow. As a custom every one starts of the day by clearing out the front of their houses and drawing a kolam design. This is the one that will come handy to you. You could practice it once on paper to avoid mistakes when you are actually making it in your front porch.


Well , this is the best one for beginners. As u can see the dots are shown very clearly . The patterns and simple with just use of straight lines or small curves. This rangoli pattern can be made real quick and is also very easy to color. So its basically like a game of join the dots. Who can’t do that? As u can see , simple flowers , rectangles and diamonds are all that is used in this rangoli , and still you have a good looking rangoli as a result. The use of colors have made it look more bright and nice. This color be used for any auspicious occasion or a festival. Its basically multipurpose.


This rangoli pattern has made use of a simple concept. Its fine if your drawing is not that good. Here the flower patterns are made by using a simple astrix in the center and joining its edges, and with the help of dots there is no necessity to worry about mistakes happening. Instead of making another pattern in the center you could just curve your lines a bit and connect them. This will also give you enough room to color. Contrasting colors make it appear interesting and you could also redraw the outlines with white rock powder to give it a more defined look.


Well , this isn’t easy, but the arrangement of dots are simple. This one will take a while for you to figure out the pattern and how to follow it. But what’s not possible with practice? Right? If you are not into the coloring and the fancy stuff , but still wanna do something big for an occasion or a special day, here is your solution. The remaining left over dots can be used to make a pattern or write something , or you could just wipe it off and stick to simple.


This is a typical welcoming kind of a rangoli. This one uses the center arrangement of dots like explained in one of the earlier ones. More emphasis has been given here to the details of a flower .The various shades used and strokes of lines in between are all small factors that enhance the look of a flower in a simple rangoli. The diamonds in the edges have also been curved up a little to make it a part of the flower family. The double border in the end gives the rangoli more volume and a bigger look.

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This is the part 2 of the 4 part series. Find other parts here: Part 1Part 2Part 3Part 4

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