6 Natural Hair Straightening Products Hiding In Kitchen

Natural Hair Straightening Products
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Want straight and shiny hair? Yes, we all do! All that you need is right there in your kitchen. Read on to know more.

6 Natural Hair Straightening Products Hiding In Kitchen

Straight hair style has always been in fashion and also considered as the safest way to increase the longevity of hair. In this technology driven world, one can find numerous hi-tech ways to get straight hair strands at expensive salons and hair spa. But, they prove very fatal for your hair in the long run and burn a big hole in your pocket. Over the top, not everyone can afford to go to these exorbitant salons that may eat up good amount of your salary. Surprisingly, there are some amazing natural hair straightening products that won’t charge you much and prove highly beneficial for your hair longevity and nourishment. So, here we bring to you 6 easy, inexpensive, home-made and natural hair straightening products.



Natural Hair Straightening Products #1:

Lemon Juice and Coconut Milk Pack:

Coconut milk and lemon are known for having rich sources of nutrition for the hair. And if you apply the mixture of both onto your hair, it can do wonders. The mixture is prominently used by many top-notch beauticians as an important hair conditioner that fixes coils and twists. To see its incredible impact on your hair, apply the mixture twice a week and wash your hair with lukewarm water.


Natural Hair Straightening Products


Natural Hair Straightening Products #2:

Egg And Olive Oil Mixture:

This is yet another best natural way to keep your hair straight without any ill-effects. Take two eggs, put egg whites into olive oil and mix them appropriately. Once the mixture is ready, apply it to your hair and scalp, and keep it for an hour. After that, wash your hair with mild shampoo.




Natural Hair Straightening Products #3:

Multani Mitti Pack:

You must have heard that Multani Mitti is very good for skin, but it also proves highly beneficial in straightening your hair. To make its pack, you require one egg white and two tablespoons of rice flour which need to be mixed in a right quantity of water in order to make a thick paste that will retain on your hair. Keep it for half an hour, and gently run a comb on your hair. Repeat it twice and wash your hair to get best results.


Natural Hair Straightening Products


Natural Hair Straightening Products #4:

Fruit, Milk And Honey Pack:

Fruits, honey and milk are not only good for health, but also for your hair. They not only keep your hair straight but also healthy for a long period of time. In order to make a pack of all these essential products, take either some strawberries or bananas, and mix them with milk and honey. Once the paste is ready, apply it on your hair and wait until it gets dry. After wash, you will see sparkling straight hair without spending a single penny.




Natural Hair Straightening Products #5:

Apply Castor Oil:

Castor oil is popularly known as a rich source of Vitamin A that is highly beneficial for hair growth. The regular use of it can stimulate blood circulation and also prevent dandruff. Over and above, the oil gives essential nutrition to the hair roots and fights against hair loss as well as split ends. Apply the oil once or twice a week on your scalp to bring moisture and keep your hair straight naturally.




Natural Hair Straightening Products #6:

Moisturize Your Hair With Essential Herbs:

Herb oils are globally known for having incredible benefits. This is why, these oils are widely used in different hair and body spa treatments. But, if you use them in their raw form for your hair, you will get amazing results. Some of the most popular herbs that work wonders for your hair are Chamomile, rose, geranium, cedar, lavender, sandalwood and burdock. To apply them on your hair, boil five teaspoons of all herbs in two cups of water. Once it gets cool, add a teaspoon of vinegar into it and apply it as a conditioner.

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Natural Hair Straightening Products


All the recipes mentioned above are natural, however we do not undertake any responsibility for their effects.


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