DIY Easy Painting – Rose Phone Case

DIY Phone Case aEasy Painting
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In this fun and easy tutorial, we show you how to paint on phone cases. This DIY Phone Case painting can be done by anyone and since we are painting roses, the end result will be super cute – irrespective of how you paint. Let’s begin.

Watch the video tutorial below



  • Take any empty phone cover to paint on it.
  • First let’s take a leafy greenish color paint & to make it light mix it with white color using paint brush.
  • Now using the same paint brush start painting the phone cover using both darker shades and the light shades that creates an illusion of the colors.
  • Later in the video we will also be adding shadows to the whole painting so that it gives a 3D look.
  • After this first layer leave it for some time to dry.
  • Now after drying let’s start the 2nd layer of the painting make small rounds or circles using dark pink and light pink as shown in the video then let it dry.
  • Next step is take a light shade of pink color and on the round which we made on the cover start making petals of the roses using the tip of the paint brush.


Easy Phone Case Painting

  • To make the perfect rose just start from the inner part of the rose, make small semi circles which starts spreading outward, usually we need to make small petals like a flower artist.
  • Now using the same technique start painting the whole light pink circles to make rose petals on it using pink color and leave it to dry.
  • You might have observed in the video that the inner petals are thicker than the outer petals and are opening up in the form of rose flower petals.
  • Now after the roses are completely dried up we are quoting an another dark outline layer on the roses by mixing the dark pink color with the green color we get the darker pink shade to make outline flower design so that the petals stand out more.
  • After making the petals let it dry then to give the flowers a shadow look with thin brush spread thin layer of greenish color below each flowers.
  • After applying this layer immediately spread the greenish color using the wet broad brush quickly finish this layer on every flower.
  • Now lastly make tiny leaves below the roses to give an outstanding look, isn’t this looking beautiful phone cover now.
  • Start making your own and don’t forget to share with us………. let your children also try this DIY painting for this summer vacation.


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