Good Photos – Photo Tutorials for Jewelry Photography – 1

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Everyone loves good photos. They are beautiful to see, fun to collect – and if you are selling your stuff online – a must to have. Here is a quick article on how to get your basic photography setup right.

One thing I love apart from making crafts is photography. I totally heart taking photos, experimenting with the settings, playing with the lens and zoom. It is my way of storing the beautiful moments that matter to me the most.

Good Photos

and how to click them

I know many of you awesome ladies out there create amazing things. Be it jewelry, paintings, crochet, quilling and what not. Do you like showing your creations to the world? Of course you do! Let’s be honest here – Your photographs don’t do justice to your creations now, do they? The colors coming up all wrong or the background is more prominent than what you are photographing? Or are you photos all dark? Ever felt your camera was too complex to understand and you’d rather wait for the husband to come back from office so that you can ask him to click?

Hey, don’t worry! Let me show you how you can make friends with your camera. And no, this post is not going to be some technical terms that we don’t understand! Here are some quick and easy photography tips – from one woman to another.

Good Photos – How to click good photos of jewelry

(and other small things)

My gear:

I have three cameras that I use. And I totally heart all of them.


The first one is Cannon EOS 1100D – it gives amazing pictures. The  second one – Cannon powershot SX210 IS –  also gives amazing pictures (not as good as first one though). The third cam is my phone – Karbon S1. It gives really good pictures. For this post, all the pics have been clicked using my phone. 🙂


Photography Setup – Basic Tips

1. One of the MOST important things for a good photo – is light. Be it day light or light from a bulb – there has to be some light for the photo to come out well. So I suggest that you choose a window and setup a table beside that window.


photography basic setup

2. Here are few basic things you would need. Colored paper (for the background), a cardboard wrapped with crushed aluminum foil, a camera and the object you want to photograph.


Here is how the foil thing looks from back:

photography basic setup


3. Here is my basic photography setup. Check it out. You don’t need the bulb. I use it for taking pictures in the night. For now, just the light coming from the window will do.

photography basic setup


4. The paper is supported by a vase at the back. See the amount of lovely sunlight shining??

photography basic setup


5. Next, all you have to do is keep your small object on the table and take a picture.

Bend your back a little and get to the level of the object. Also, try clicking from 3-4 different angles: top – sides – straight. Experiment baby!!

You can also use a cup / vase / stand / anything else and hang your earrings on to it, and click. Don’t forget to try various backgrounds and choose what you like most!

photography basic setup

I tried 4 backgrounds, and I think I like pink most. 🙂


See how important light is? Given that all these are clicked using my phone’s cam – these Are pretty good! There is lot more to photograhy and lot more editing after the pics are clicked. Don’t worry we will cover all of those amazing things in the next series. For now, just have fun!


We would love to hear from you. How do you click your photographs?

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