rangoli designs for new year 2014
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Rangoli Images – 30 Stunning Rangoli Designs for New Year 2014

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New Year 2014 is here and its time to create beautiful rangoli designs!! We have a collection of the 30 most amazing rangoli images for you to choose from. Take a look!

Rangoli Images – 30 Stunning Rangoli Designs for New Year 2014

Here are 30 really gorgeous rangoli designs. These rangoli images will make an amazing rangoli design for new year 2014 celebrations. Enjoy the collection. If you have liked these, please LIKE our page too.































Thankyou for reading through the designs. We hope you have enjoyed this list.

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We didnot make these rangoli designs. These are owned by the people who made these amazing beauties. We have just collected all the amazing designs in one place – for readers like you!



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  1. Really nice design…..
    nice patterns and beautiful Rangolis.


  2. so beautiful……


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