Thermocol Crafts (Styrofoam crafts) – How to make a flower ball

thermocol crafts
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Thermocol crafts (Styrofoam crafts) are easy and fun! Here is a tutorial on making a Flower Ball with Thermocol balls (Styrofoam balls). This is a simple craft and the end product looks amazing.

To make this craft, you would need:

1. Thermocol balls / Styrofoam balls

2. Flower punch

3. Card stock (or thick paper) in two contrasting shades

4. Alpins

5. Sequins

6. Paint and a brush.

Video Tutorial


1. Paint the thermocol ball / Styrofoam ball using acrylic paints and let it dry. Use darker colors such as grey, black, dark green. This acts as a base and gives a feeling of depth to the flowers.

2. While the paint is drying, punch out flowers in two different colors. Use colors that contrast each other. You would need many flowers depending on the size of the thermocol ball. The beauty of thermocol crafts / Styrofoam crafts as the ease with which they are made!

3. Next, thread a sequin into the alpin.

4. Layer two flowers of different colors on top of each other and push an alipn through the center. Watch the video at the bottom to get a clear picture.

5. Next, gently bend the petals of the flower on the top, upwards. This will give a 3D effect and will let the color of the flower underneath show through!

6. Next, gently push the alpin into the thermocol ball / Styrofoam balls. Voila, there goes your first flower. Keep adding flowers and cover up your thermocol ball / Styrofoam ball.

7. You can use a string and use it as a car decor or window decor. Or you could just add a green stalk and use it in your flower decorations.

Let us know in the comments if you have liked this idea. We are making a few more Thermocol crafts / Styrofoam crafts, so stay tuned.


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